About us

Our company, which was established as Mutsan Automotive in 1988, has adopted the transformation of new ideas into commercial benefits by continuing its development over time. Combining this process with commercial expertise, it has become a group company today. It continues its activities in many different sectors within the Mutsan Group.

Within the scope of the CNG Engine Repowerment Systems project initiated by Mutsan Group in 2019, the first phase of CNG engine imports was realized and engine replacement operations were started. It leads a very important project that was initiated for the first time in our country. Natural gas engines, which are much safer, environmentally friendly and economical compared to alternative uses, are mainly used in tow trucks, trucks, buses, light commercial and passenger vehicles. Natural gas vehicle systems, which are widely used in America and Europe, will experience a great development in our country.

Mutsan Otomotiv aims to increase the use of natural gas vehicles and reach a huge sales potential in our country and neighboring countries under the brand name MUTSANG, which is registered in its name, with the dealer structure that it will spread throughout the country.